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How to Executae a Winning

Social Media

Strategy in Under

25 minutes a day!

Once a Week

  • Your social media strategy should include a content calendar (you have a content calendar, right?) that tells what to post, on which platforms, and on which days of the week. Pick one day where you’ll plan out your posts for the entire upcoming week according to your content calendar (if you’re really ambitious, you could plan your posts for the entire month here). Use a scheduling app, like Later or Hootsuite, that allows you to pull in your content, write your captions, and schedule a time and day to post – Later sends you a push notification on the day and time of your scheduled post to remind you.
  • Pro tip: Scheduling your posts eliminates the potential of posting too infrequently, which is one of the biggest ways to lose followers!.
  • Which posts have the highest engagement rates? Highest reach? Can you identify commonalities between these high-performing posts and come to a conclusion about what type of content your audience responds best to?

Once a Week

number one

Respond to all comments on your posts and any messages received (5-7 minutes)

number two

Follow back any new followers (Instagram and Twitter) (2 minutes)

number three

Visit the profiles of a few that liked or commented on your post and return the favor! (7 minutes)

  • Pro tip: commenting on others' photos is a GREAT way to gain followers as people will see your comments when they go to comment on that same post
  • Liking, sharing, and writing genuine comments will also help you gain trust with your current followers

number four

Search hashtags you've used on your posts, or that your followers and/or your target audience uses (7 minutes)

  • like, follow, and comment on these posts

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