Freedom Fridays, vol. 7: why you should be flexible with the process

After feeling crushed by debt and overwhelmed with her finances, Maggie Gomez set out to learn all she could about how to gain control of that area of her life. It was a grind, but eventually she moved from just surviving to thriving and now wants to help others get there too. She quit her corporate job as a Financial Advisor, Stock Broker, and Certified Financial Planner to start Money with Maggie. She helps others learn how to get out of debt, save money, invest, and increase their income via her YouTube channel “Money with Maggie” and Instagram posts and stories. She believes that when you bring awareness and intention into your financial life, you can truly begin to thrive.

What does freedom look like for you?

“Freedom in my eyes is having the ability to choose how we spend our time and money.”

“…There is more than one path to your dream. [Know] your ultimate goals and [be] flexible as to how you reach them.”

Maggie Gomez

When did you realize freedom was important to you?

“I realized freedom was important after spending 8 years working in a cubicle setting. I felt like I had little control over the majority of my time and on top of that I didn’t make enough money to fulfill all of my goals. “

What one piece of advice would you give to people that are in pursuit of their own freedom?

“If fear is holding you back from pursuing something, play out the worst and best case scenario of what following that idea looks like. For me, worst case would be that my business never “takes off” I drain my bank account trying and then have to go back to the cubicle world. On the other hand if it works I could follow my passion, work for myself and make the money I want to make. The best case for me was definitely worth risking the worst case happening.”

As leaders in their space, they are always learning – what have you changed your mind/perspective on?

“I have learned that there is more than one path to your dream. If I try to pursue my dream one way and it’s not working out well, then I try another route. Knowing your ultimate goals and being flexible as to how you reach them has been an important lesson I’ve learned.”

Most influential book?

“The most influential book I have read is The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferris. He discusses an idea of taking “mini retirements” through life versus one giant retirement late in life. Also, the creative thinking shown to find ways to become more mobile in our jobs so we free up more of our time was incredible.” 

Giana Cambria

Author Upperhand Creative.


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