Freedom Fridays, vol. 6: why you should practice gratitude

Ashley Bennington, highly driven businesswoman, talks freedom.

Ashley Bennington is a highly driven and enthusiastic businesswoman with a history of personal success and a focus around creating a strong company culture that facilitates growth within an organization. She is a sales executive for a human capital management company, Paycom. Here, she partners with company executives to make a positive impact in the personal and professional lives of their employees. With a robust suite of products that includes payroll, time and labor management, talent acquisition, HR management and talent management, Paycom lowers labor costs, drives employee engagement and reduces compliance exposure. Ultimately, Ashley’s passion is directly growing the enterprise value of an organization. We asked her what freedom looks like.

What does freedom look like for you?

“For me, freedom used to represent financial freedom. I always wanted to know I had the ability to do what I wanted and could support myself financially in those decisions. “

“Work hard and be grateful for what you do have… if you see things as blessings and not burdens, you’ll always feel more free.”

Ashley Bennington

When did you realize freedom was important to you?

“Freedom has always been important to me. One of my first memories of a child was my dad and I sitting down and talking about the financial impact of receiving a college education. He taught me to work really hard so that I didn’t have to worry about repaying any debt once I finished school, and I was able to accomplish that for myself. “

What one piece of advice would you give to people that are in pursuit of their own freedom?

“Work hard and be grateful for what you do have. Success varies per person, but no matter if you think you’ve achieved it, or you’re still on the path to achieving success, you’re blessed with good things in your life. If you see things as blessings and not burdens, you’ll always feel more free.”

As leaders in their space, they are always learning – what have you changed your mind/perspective on?

“Quality of time. Time really is precious and I look at myself now as a 26 year old wishing I would have put less pressure on myself growing up. I thought I had to graduate college and be considered a tenure working professional right off the bat. Everyone’s journey is different, so enjoy where you’re at right now. ”

Most influential book?

“On the subject of quality of time…  Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play by Mahan Khalsa.  It’s good for anyone in business, I would highly recommend it.” 

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