The ONE Tool

to Effectively Automate and Delegate

ANY process

in YOUR Business


  • Spending hours micromanaging flaky freelancers?
  • Unable to delegate due to “quality” issues?
  • Doing everything yourself?

Get the Upperhand in your business with my number
one tool to automate and delegate any process in
your business – including your graphic design!

Download my number one automation tool that I’ve personally used to scale quickly. Get hours of wasted time back as you empower your team or freelancer, eliminate poor quality work, and put your business on auto-pilot so you can focus on growth!


Social media posting and content creation
Work flows (like graphic design, marketing projects, content creation)
Your recruiting, onboarding, and training process
Building landing pages
Client and prospect outreach
Any other process you repeatedly do in your business that takes you away from those select “CEO” activities


  • The Core Process Template you can use to automate any system in your business!
  • Directions on how to use the sheet
  • My shortlist of favorite automating tools